Volunteers in sport

The valuable contribution volunteers bring to society is being more and more recognized. As all levels of government become more engaged in supporting active citizenship, volunteering is promoted as one of the best examples of how individuals can make a meaningful contribution to civil society with volunteering seen as an important expression of citizenship and fundamental to democracy.

The organization of every sports event/competition requires the engagement of volunteers. Volunteers are fundamental to the success of international and domestic sports events. Sports event organizers rely on the knowledge, skills and experiences of volunteers. In most Member States, the sports movement would not exist without volunteering. Volunteers and community involvement lie at the very heart of any truly successful sporting event. Volunteers can provide the most basic of labour (e.g. handing out water and prize bags, set-up and clean-up) and can also be a great source of expertise needed by organisations.

The economic value of volunteer contributions is significant and well-recognised. People are motivated to volunteer for all sorts of reasons. For most, it is a leisure choice. Many people volunteer because they find it enjoyable. The volunteer experience can also give people the chance to develop: time management, teamwork, problem-solving and cross-cultural communication skills, as well as the ability to take initiative and make a positive contribution to their teams.

Workshops and round tables will be held in 5 partner countries.

Minimum 50 volunteers and representatives of 10 sport event organizers (such as sports organizations - from small clubs to large associations and federations), civil society organizations and local government ) per country will be present at the workshops which will include interactive method and combination of the lectures and group work.

An integral part of the two-day workshops will be the organization of a round table with the aim of raising awareness of the importance of volunteering activities (in the scope of Multiplier sport events).

Joint efforts will be employed to influence local and national stakeholders to take a more steadfast attitude towards volunteering. Round table will be held in all project partner countries, with the expected participation of the target groups, representatives of local and national authorities, representatives of sports associations on local, regional and national level (both for disabled and non-disabled sports), volunteer organizations and wide public. After finalized non formal educations, at least 10 educated volunteers will participate in at least two sport events/competitions (one for disabled persons and one for non-disabled) per project country. All partners will provide detailed information on international competitions to be held in 2022 and are committed to include volunteers who have been educated at the workshops.

Workshops and round tables will be held in Zagreb, June 4 and 5, 2022 at the Cultural Information Center, Preradovićeva 5, 10 000 Zagreb. We invite you to get involved in project activities. You can sign up by e-mail: sportvolunteers@zagreb.hr or true contact form.

The intelligent way to be selfish is to work for the welfare of others

⎯ The Dalai Lama

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