WP4 - Workshop CSO Pedro

WP4 - Workshop CSO Pedro 07 December 2022 GEA Coop Sociale organized the 3rd workshop, this one was dedicated entirely to sport volunteers. It was hosted at the Social Centre Pedro of Padua in the occasion of the St. Mary celebration, GEA was invited to contribute to the debate “Sport and body”, organized by San Precario Sport Club. San Precario presented the book “I am” written by Filipo Tomasi, a collection of pictures and witnesses of professional gymnasts and the relation with their body. Following on this subject Gea presented module 2 of the Sport Volunteer Educational Modules: “Active engagement of people with disabilities”. Sport and body is a wide subject and can be considered from different perspectives. We focussed on the “different body” as it can be perceived and easily stereotyped. Bodies missing limbs, women's bodies with hairy legs, bodies with different colours, bodies too trained and too muscled… After the presentation of the module we started a very interesting and enriching debate where the people of the audience shared their experiences on body: exclusion, labelling, racism because of different bodies and different choices applied on bodies, far from the present mainstream. At the end one big question aroused: what can we do? How can we promote inclusion on sport environments and events? Who could be the right counterpart to share these topics with? Volunteers, sport event organizers, athletes, sport associations, public institutions. All of them are part of the process. We hope words will be followed by facts, this is the right time for a change.


The intelligent way to be selfish is to work for the welfare of others

⎯ The Dalai Lama

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